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Tip 1: Horizontal surfaces should complement each other.

For example, your floors and countertop should have the same tonality and depth. This creates an “easy on the eye” appearance.

Tip 2: Keep paint selections light and neutral.

Choosing colors that are light will make your space feel larger while choosing neutral tones throughout will create a welcoming environment. Remember, you can always add pops of color on accent walls, treys, and niches once your home is complete.

Tip 3: Design with simplicity in mind.

When it comes to New Construction, we always remind homeowners that they’re creating a blank canvas to enhance later with furniture, paintings, décor, etc. Sometimes curbing the creativity is hard, but it is necessary to create a space that is easy to enhance after move in.

Tip 4: Splurge on tile selections.

Floor tile, shower wall tile, and accent tiles are the most time consuming and expensive materials to change. Make the selection that you love – you will not regret it.

Tip 5: Pay attention to what electrical options come standard.

Two words: floor outlets. If your builder allows you to add electrical features, you may want to consider upgrading a bit. Floor outlets are a great way to avoid exposed cords in living areas. Another great electrical addition is under cabinet or trey lighting.


With many major financial decisions in life, there’s one number that keeps rearing its potentially ugly head – credit score. In fact, you have many credit scores, not just one. Use your credit card app to look up your credit score and you might get one number. Apply for a loan, and the lender might end up using a different credit score altogether. Whichever scoring system is used to determine your credit scores, you can expect it to fall somewhere within a range of 300 to 850. The higher your scores, the better your credit.

The most common scoring systems you’ll encounter are FICO, which is established credit by the Fair Isaac Corporation, or VantageScore, the system used by the three major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. These scoring systems measure your creditworthiness, or how much trust financial institutions should have in you as a borrower. To take charge of your credit scores, you must understand what exactly is being factored into them.

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Sposen Signature Homes has been named in The 10 Best Custom Home Builders Cape Coral, FL by Home Builder Digest.

Sposen Homes

Established in 2015, up-and-coming builder Sposen Homes has created a name for itself with its award-winning custom homes and floor plans, tailored to its clients’ lifestyles. Whatever the size or budget, Sposen Homes guarantees a beautiful final product. The company’s certified team of professionals has a combined experience of over 65 years across a range of sectors. Managing Member and Partner Neil Esner is a two-term past President of Florida’s Gold Coast Builders Association and has also been recognized as the GCBA’s Builder of the Year. Currently, he is an active member of the National Association of Homebuilders. His more than 25 years of high-level development experience translate into the fine craftsmanship and dedication that go into building each custom home.

An example of Sposen’s work can be seen in the Cape Coral home featured here….

You can read the full article here.

Sposen Signature Homes is currently highlighted as part of the Cape Coral Construction Industry Association (CCCIA) 51st Builders’ Showcase and was awarded with both homes entered on January 20th. The NEW Mira Vista model was awarded Best Outdoor Living and Best Pool, while the Signus Model swept its category with Best Overall, Best Livability, Best Interior Design, Best Kitchen, Best Bath, Best Pool Design, Best Landscape Design, and Best Exterior.

This three-weekend event runs from Jan. 21 to 23, Jan. 28 to 30, and Feb. 4 to 6 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and noon to 5 p.m. on Sundays.


CCCIA’s Builder Showcase will highlight premier builders in the Cape Coral area, featuring new construction homes that represent a wide range of styles, features, and price points.

This year Sposen Homes, a leader in the SWFL new construction home industry, entered a 2400 sqft, 3 bedroom/2 bath Mira Vista model from their 5-Star Resort collection located in the NW Cape and one of their most popular models the Signus located in SW Cape featuring 1815 sqft, 3 bedrooms/2 baths.


Sposen boasts beautiful award-winning floorplans with must see exteriors, kitchens, bathrooms, interior finishes, landscaping, and more!

Although other builders will be present, we want to show you how 70+ years of combined experience in the new construction industry shows why we are a leader in our community.

After all, while all new construction homes are designed, very few are designed well.

With flexible financing options for new construction Sposen can ensure you get into the home of your dreams. The bottom line: Sposen homes are built to exceed, your expectations.

If you are interested in building a new home, you need to set aside time to attend this year’s CCCIA Builders’ Showcase. There, you can see for yourself the innovative designs and unrivaled quality associated with every Sposen Signature home we build.

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With the rapid expansion of home development in Cape Coral, you may find yourself owning a piece of waterfront property. Welcome to Paradise and what Florida living is all about – the water! This article may serve you purpose when you start exploring building that dream home on your water front lot. Especially if you have vegetation growing at your property line.

What are mangroves?

Mangroves are essentially small trees that sit in the coastline of rivers, canals, and other shorelines. Mangroves have three species; Laguncularia racemosa (white mangrove), Rhizophora mangle (red mangrove) or Avicennia germinans (black mangrove). The type of species change depending on the environment. They help filter water as well as stabilize coastlines. They also offer a habitat for many different types of species like fish, crustaceans, birds, and more. They serve as a key species for our Florida wildlife and ecosystem, which is why they must be properly removed if present on a lot undergoing development.

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Get the Dirt on Compaction Tests

When building in Southwest Florida you most often need to bring in yards of fill dirt to your property to meet elevation and drainage code requirements. The amount of fill dirt needed heavily depends on your lot specific characteristics, like the flood zone it resides in and its current elevation. (Learn more about virgin ground and Finished Floor Elevation (FFE) here).

The dirt used in home construction comes from a dirt mine. The dirt product can’t be too wet or too dry and must pass a soil test showing its properties are suitable for construction. In Florida with severe heat and a rainy season it’s very important your builder uses dirt from a mine supplying quality dirt.

Foundation Construction

One of the very first steps in your homes building process is the piling of the house pad whether you are building a stem-wall or monolithic foundation. Learn more about the differences here. 

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At Sposen Signature Homes, we offer three elevation choices for each of our floorplans. Here are some things to consider when deciding which elevation is best for you.

First Impressions, Style, Personality-

The exterior of your home is responsible for creating valuable first impressions. Anyone walking up to your home is greeted first by its outward appearance, so be sure to make a thoughtful selection from the elevations available: Coastal, Modern, or Transitional.


Sposen’s Coastal Elevation gives your home an ocean side feel by featuring corbel details, trim accents, and the option of Bahama shutters or coastal lap-stucco siding. Soft, sandy neutrals paired with shades of light blues and greens perfectly to tie together the coastal theme. Florida’s beaches, sunshine, and palm trees provide amazing home décor inspiration. You’ll oftentimes find lovely accents of tropical motifs throughout the home. Coastal homes are light, elegant, and casual.

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Chances are, before now you haven’t given much thought to the differences between granite and quartz. One of the many choices you will get to make during your Sposen design session will be between granite and quartz countertops. If you are unsure which you prefer, perhaps this blog will help you make the final decision by providing you with information about both materials.

Glorious Granite

Granite is a very hard stone, rated a 6 on Mohs scale and is completely natural. It is formed over thousands (perhaps millions) of years as rhyolite lava cools. The word granite comes from the Latin word, grano meaning “grain” and it is aptly named for its large mineral granules. The slow cooling process is what allows for large mineral pieces to develop in the stone, producing its gorgeous patterns which we all know and love.

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Basic Requirements for Building in Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral, FL is a deed restricted city, better known as a city with ordinances, when it comes to the construction of a home. There are several basic residential building requirements to build in Cape Coral which we will discuss in this blog. These ordinances are guidelines that address the structure or home itself, the placement of the home on the land, as well as features of the home.

Cape Coral has requirements on the size of the land, the home’s proportion to the land it’s to be built on, the living area of the home, utility easements setbacks and height requirements that need to be met or not exceeded before you can obtain a building permit for your home. Let’s explore those requirements.

Land Minimum

The minimum land requirement to build a home in a zoned residential area is 10,000 square feet, not including community development areas.  That is the size of a standard 80’ x 125’ lot.  This size allows for the proper front, side, corner, and rear setbacks on the property which are:

Front Setback* 25 Ft. Minimum

Side Setback* 7.5 Ft. Minimum

Corner Setback* 10 Ft. Minimum

Rear Setback (Structure)* 20 Ft. Minimum

Rear Setback (Pool/Cage)* 10 Ft. Minimum

Building Height 30 Ft. Maximum

These setbacks are measured from the true property line to the structure to ensure the home does not encroach into the 6-foot utility easement, which the city is responsible for.

Minimum Living Area

There are minimum living area restrictions based on where your property is located.  If you are on a waterfront property, across the street from salt water, or are on a golf course you have a 1,400 sq ft minimum living area, not including garage, screened porches, or storage areas. That moves up to 1,800 square feet for those building on river front locations.  For dry lots there is a 1,100 sq ft minimum living area for a standard Cape Coral lot.


A home built in Cape Coral is required to have a garage. The garage depth minimum is 14’ x 20’ and must also adhere to the easements and set back requirements for the property.


When building on a property with water frontage a seawall is required. Different types of seawalls for salt or freshwater properties and linear footage are required. These seawalls protect your home and property from erosion. You can find more information on seawall requirements in our blog here.


All property to be built utilizing a septic system will be required to pass Health Department inspections, which includes requirements on its placement and proper drainage.


If building a property on a boulevard or parkway in the city you are required to have a circular or hammerhead driveway. This ensures the homeowner a safer entrance or exit when coming off a main road.


Selecting a home builder that has experience with these requirements is imperative to the success of your home and its integrity. Not only to follow these basic requirements but also to conform to the building standard codes set forth by the City and State. With 65 years of combined experience and nearly 400+ builds completed in and around the Cape Coral community we have the knowledge to create your dream home that meets all building requirements based on its location so you can enjoy it from year and years to come.


Value of Proper Landscaping

The importance of landscaping is oftentimes overlooked, but its rich history and incredible benefits to our homes and our lives make it necessary. Landscaping combines gardening and design to create an outdoor space that is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly beneficial. It offers an incredible expression of beauty through nature. Landscaping and architecture go together like dandelions and daydreams which is why, as a homebuilder, we take special care to ensure that our landscaping work is outstanding and matches the beauty of our homes.

Aesthetic Value

Well-designed landscaping contributes to your home’s curb appeal, increasing its resale value. A home with marvelous landscaping makes a welcoming first impression and brightens the overall feel of your property. Landscaping is not exclusively enjoyed from outdoors. What if every time you looked out your window, you saw a vibrant, lush landscape and the colors of healthy plants? A good view of nature nurtures our sense of peace and wellbeing, improving quality of life.

Regulate Temperature

Trees, grass, and other vegetation have an amazing capacity to provide shade and lower surface and air temperatures by a biological temperature regulation process called “evapotranspiration”. Shaded surfaces tend to be 20-45 °F cooler than unshaded surfaces. It’s no wonder most of us have felt that amazing relief of walking through a hot parking lot into a shady park on a sunny summer day. In the Sunshine State, it is especially useful to know that you can reduce air conditioning bills by planting deciduous trees to the west, allowing them to shade the roof and windows. Shade trees also protect outdoor materials such as paint or pavement from fading.

Storm and Erosion Protection

Floridians are no strangers to intense weather.  Our tropical peninsula has an annual tropical storm and hurricane season. One of our best buffers against wind and water is foliage. Plants provide windbreaks, helping to shield homes from the powerful gusts that can cause property damage. The danger of flooding because of a hurricane or tropical storm is mitigated by plants as well. Appropriate landscaping provides a runoff buffer. Proper landscaping protects against both weather events and regular weather patterns. Rain erodes soil over time, but a strong root system serves as a reinforcing underground network, slowing and preventing erosion. The plants in your yard will also reduce the flow of sediments and pollutants, acting as a natural filter, helping keep the water, soil and air quality.


Sposen Signature Homes offers three levels (see below) of landscaping so homeowners can choose which best matches their style and needs. All offered landscaping packages are in accordance with city codes. The city of Cape Coral has several residential landscaping requirements in place. These requirements are based on guidelines from the Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program administered by the University of Florida. They help protect Florida’s ecosystem and residential properties. The program is designed to prevent storm water runoff and maintain local water quality. For example, requirements include groundcover or sod and canopy trees native to Florida. As you can see, landscaping is vital both to your home investment and protects against weather events we experience in Southwest Florida.