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Forbes just released an article on the best places to live in Florida. Cape Coral ranked higher than both Orlando and Miami. Florida has been a popular destination for retirees due to its warm weather and beautiful beaches. In recent years, more working families have started moving into the state because of no state income taxes and the low cost of living. To determine the best places to live in Florida, Forbes analyzed data from the median home price, unemployment rate, crime rate, and personal income.   Continue reading ..

When you purchase property it’s important to know key terminology you will hear when a survey is obtained showing boundaries of the land. Here are some common terms you will most likely hear.  

What is A Right of Way? 

Right of way is the legal right to pass through the grounds or property someone else owns and the right to build or operate a road on the land. These can be public or private and are common if your property cannot be accessed without going through someone else’s. They grant the holder of the right of way the right to travel over another’s property. Right of way easements are the most common type of easement.  Continue reading ..

When looking for a new home, there are plenty of benefits to buying or building a new construction home. These homes ensure that the building codes are up to date, and everything is new.

Buying a Move-in Ready New Construction Home 

If you decide to purchase a move-in ready home, there is no hassle of waiting months for your home to be finished and ready for you to move in. This saves you time and energy while still giving you the newly built home of your dreams. They also include popular features most people look for in a new home. Like open concept layouts, updated bathroom styles, stainless steel appliances and upgraded flooring and countertops.  These are great options if you don’t want to wait until the whole building process is complete to move in.  
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“Nearly 25% of U.S. homebuyers are looking to move out of their current metro areas, with many people turning their attention to cities in Florida as their next place to call home, according to a new study.”  – Fox Business

Historically speaking, Florida’s real estate market has been resilient after a hurricane. People are rebuilding in areas hit the hardest by Hurricane Ian. Homeowners know what their land is worth and reinvesting in their property.   Continue reading ..

Beginning January 1, 2023, new efficiency standards for A/C units will take effect. The new regulations will focus on the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems. The new rating for the South will be 15 SEER. 

What is a SEER rating? 

The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) measures the energy efficiency of an A/C unit. It is a maximum efficiency rating, so the higher the SEER number… Continue reading ..

Builder’s risk insurance helps protect buildings under construction. For a home builder, it minimizes the risk that they take for potential property damage that could occur. A construction project is protected from property damage from fire, lightning, hail, explosions, theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. 

Who needs it? 

Builder’s risk insurance is needed by anyone that has a financial interest in the construction project. This includes the property owner, general contractor, subcontractors, lender, and architect. It is always a good idea to make sure you are covered so that you are not personally liable in case something happens. Continue reading ..

Scammers like to take advantage of anyone they can, especially after a natural disaster when you may be at your weakest. They may try to get money or steal your personal information. Be on alert for these potential threats.  

Scammers posing as FEMA  

Scammers will pose as someone from FEMA or a contractor to take advantage of you. They will try and steal your personal information and, in some cases, use it to apply for FEMA assistance in your name. If this happens and a FEMA official shows up at your door let them know you did not fill out the application. FEMA inspectors are also never allowed to collect your financial information.  

Look out for fraudulent contractors 

Contractors in times of need may be hard to come by, but do not settle for just anyone. Be wary of door-to-door solicitations as these are typically people posing as a licensed contractor. If they claim to have come from another area to help disaster victims or that they were just in the area and noticed that you need repairs these are also signs of fraud.  

An unmarked vehicle is a telltale sign. They often try to pressure you into a sale as well. If they are advertising without a Florida license number and not willing to give you an itemized estimate for the cost of the labor, this is a red flag. Ask for a written contract and if they refuse, take that as another bad sign. Never pay in full or in cash for work or repairs to start a job, because they could leave you high and dry. 


It is best to use trusted companies that have done work for family or friends you know. Ask for references you can reach out to that are local. Do the work upfront to protect yourself. 

Another important tip! Always verify their license through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation before moving forward. A license can be verified here: https://www.myfloridalicense.com/wl11.asp?mode=1&SID=&brd=&typ= 

Protect yourself, your assets, and your family by being an educated consumer or you could fall victim to scammers.  Contact us directly here if you have any additional questions on this information. 

Hurricane Ian devastated areas in Southwest Florida when it made landfall with winds up to 155 miles per hour. It wreaked havoc on the beaches that we know and love, broke bridges, flooded homes and so much more. We are thankful that our staff are safe and are working diligently to get their homes and lives back on track.  

We have put together a list of six important things to take into consideration after a hurricane. Being prepared and knowing the steps to take after a storm are important for your personal well-being and your home. 


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On Wednesday, September 28, Hurricane Ian directly hit Southwest Florida and left mountains of devastation in its wake. Many homes have suffered damage from the high winds and storm surge leaving most without power, water, and some even without a home. Our community is suffering and rebuilding the areas will be a long road to recovery. Here are a few ways to help rebuild the communities affected by hurricane Ian. 

Donations and volunteers to help the relief efforts of Hurricane Ian 

The American Red Cross is accepting monetary donations to help those affected by Hurricane Ian. They are also accepting volunteers who want to help in the relief efforts. Volunteers will be trained and on standby to travel to support the unique needs of the communities affected. These volunteers would be helping with the day-to-day shelter activities. Learn more here https://www.redcross.org/donate/hurricane-ian-donations.html/ 

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (National VOAD) gives you the opportunity to give a cash donation. This gives the voluntary agencies the flexibility to get the most needed resources to the affected areas. Donating to them will help experienced disaster responders get on the ground to help the affected areas to recover. A cash donation helps buy food, water, medicine, and equipment. The National VOAD also allows you the opportunity to volunteer if you feel led to do so. You can learn more here https://www.nvoad.org/  

Project Hope is offering support for Hurricane Ian. They are taking donations to aid those impacted and offering volunteer options for those who want to help. Learn more here https://www.projecthope.org/hurricane-ian-how-to-help/09/2022/ 

United Way has donation and volunteer opportunities. They are accepting volunteers for cleanup, emergency response, relief supply and more. For volunteer opportunities click here https://volunteer.unitedwaylee.org/ They created a disaster relief fund to support local nonprofits and areas that have the most immediate needs. For donations click here https://unitedwaylee.org/hurricane-ian-relief-fund/  

The Salvation Army is taking donations to offer food, drinks, shelter, and other emergency services to hurricane survivors. Donations go to the disaster relief operation you select to help bring comfort to those in need. Learn more here https://give.helpsalvationarmy.org/give/166081/#!/donation/checkout  

Moving Forward 

During this time of uncertainty, Southwest Florida needs all the support it can receive. Monetary donations are being accepted at all the companies mentioned above and volunteer opportunities to help with disaster relief are much appreciated. They are asking that you do not send items as the needs of each area may change. 

Here at Sposen Homes our staff is devastated by what we have endured in the aftermath of hurricane Ian but are dedicated to helping restore our amazing Southwest Florida communities. Now is the time to come together and rebuild our piece of paradise.

If you are struggling to find your dream home, here is why one of our inventory homes might be right for you. Inventory homes are new construction homes that are built with the same standards and quality as our semi-custom-built homes.  

These homes feature our most popular floor plans and premium design selections. With a faster move in timeline, popular layout, and designer selections pre-selected you may find an inventory home is perfect for your family. 

Advantages of buying an inventory home 

The price of an inventory home is set. This means you are not investing any more money in additional upgrades, the land and selecting the floor plan. It also takes away the headache of choosing the selections you want in your home since this is done by the builders’ design team.  

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