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The City of Cape Coral requires all canal properties to have a seawall built prior to the construction of a home. The purpose of the seawall is to prevent the water from eroding the property. Property owners have a few choices when it comes to the construction of a seawall. Following the proper steps prior to construction of the seawall is very important to ensure its integrity.

Prior to the start of construction on a seawall for your property you will want to have a licensed professional, specializing in seawall construction, do an analysis to determine what your site-specific property will require.

When Protected Plant and Animal Species are Present

An inspection of the property will help determine the scope of work and budget for the seawall. Some properties will need vegetation and rock removal, while others may need special permits for the removal of certain tree species that are protected in Florida.

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When Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Find motivation and inspiration! It helps to remind yourself that there is nothing quite like the feeling of a clean and well-organized home. It is important to enjoy the process. Get yourself in the spirit of Spring Cleaning by changing into the right outfit, putting on a good playlist or podcast and lighting a candle or firing up the diffuser.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Now that you are all geared up and ready for duty, here are some tips and hacks to help you minimize the labor and maximize the results!


Write up a list of everything you would like to get done. This will help you avoid forgetting anything and give you the satisfaction of crossing things off the list as you go. Gather all the tools and supplies you will need for your scrub session into one place to make things quick and easily accessible so you can stay in the zone and get it done.

Make some space! “Stuff” tends to accumulate throughout the year and can be a source of stress. Go through the house to donate and discard the things that you and your family do not need or love.

Clean from top to bottom! This is a solid method when cleaning anything. It is a way of working with gravity rather than against it to avoid messing with the same things twice. Do this to prevent any dirt from falling onto surfaces that you have already worked on.

Window washing is best saved for a cloudy day. It is springtime and the weather is warming up. The intense Florida sun can make pesky cleaning streaks much more likely.

Nifty Tools

Dust ceiling fans using a pillowcase. The worst part about dusting those fan blades is the seemingly inevitable fact that dust will go flying and land directly on your upward gazing face. By sliding the open pillowcase over the fan blade and then pulling it off with some applied pressure, the pillowcase will catch falling dust and help save you from a sneezing fit.

Clean blinds with a sock. Save a few old socks, wear one over your hand like a puppet and wipe away dust from window blinds quickly and easily.

Microfiber cleaning cloths are underrated because these little statically charged workhorses are an excellent ally to your battle against dirt and dust. They are super absorbent and versatile so take advantage of their many uses. They can help with anything from dusting to getting stains out from furniture.

Clean the bathtub or shower more ergonomically by using a broom or mop. This will reduce the amount of time spent crouching down and save your back. Avoiding burnout while cleaning is the best way to make sure you check off all the items on your list.

Reward Your Efforts

You put in the time and the work, now it is time to revel in the results! Relax in your sparkling clean home with a movie or have a tasty treat and feel the joy of a job well done.

The primary differences between a new construction home and an existing one are probably about what you’d expect. New homes are just that, they have been built from the ground up with no previous owner. Existing homes have been previously owned and lived in and they can range in age and condition. Here we’ve explored the many reasons Americans tend to prefer new-construction homes to existing ones.

Your lifestyle built in

At Sposen, buyers can choose from 25+ floor plans and hundreds of design specifications. Open, flowing floor plans promote quality time with friends and family and create a welcoming living area. For those wishing to live with their extended family without feeling overcrowded, we offer multigenerational layouts to help everyone find a happy balance between both shared and personal space.

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Have you ever seen small wooden stakes on a piece of property and wondered what they were?  Those stakes are property markers and are placed at the four corners of a piece of property.  These corners are marked after a boundary survey is performed for a property.

When buying, subdividing, improving, or building on a piece of property it is highly recommended that you obtain a boundary survey.  This formal document clearly defines the boundaries of a property, based on research and deeds with the city that define the true corners of the parcel of land.

As a builder we are required to obtain a boundary survey for any new construction home we build. We use the information obtained in the pre-construction phase to ensure the improvements on the lot fall within the boundaries and guidelines outlined in the final survey.

What information does a Boundary Survey Include?

The formally defined boundaries are based on the property’s legal description with the city.  As a builder the boundary surveys we commission, include the property corners and any setback requirements, easements around the property, any limitations imposed on the property, the elevation and whether the property resides in a flood zone.

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Here at Sposen Signature Homes, we take pride in what sets us apart from other homebuilders. Our ability to offer a large variety of design selections is one of the many ways in which we go above and beyond for our clients.  Purchasing a home is a significant financial investment, which is why we believe that it is essential to get the buyer’s vision just right.  We understand the value of customization, it is more than just cabinet doors and paint colors – it is an opportunity to create a home that truly reflects you.

Design Selections

Most builders that offer the ability to create a “semi-custom” house have limited design selections. Typically, they only offer 2-3 cabinet, flooring, countertop, and exterior paint color options. This is where we differ. Sposen offers our clients hundreds of design choices in these categories, so with us, you have a say in nearly every interior and exterior design decision.

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We are here to help break ground on your dream home. Whether that is on land you currently own, a piece of property you have had your eye on, or you’re still searching for the perfect lot, we can help!  With our experience, resources, and knowledge of the area we can help you find that perfect lot and bring your dream home to life.

If you already have a lot, wonderful! A part of the puzzle is already in place. Don’t have land? Not a problem! About half of our clients come to us without land. Here are common considerations we help clients assess when selecting land for their future home.

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When it comes to the ventilation of your roof, you have a few options.  Most common here is Florida are roof vents or soffit vents.  The purpose for these options is to provide constant air flow through the attic space in your home.  Properly designed air flow helps remove overheated air and moisture from the attic and roof system, which in turn prevents extreme temperature changes and moisture conditions occurring inside and outside of the home.   Well-designed ventilation in your roof system is essential for proper heating and cooling.

Ridge Vents

Ridge vents were typically placed at the “ridge” of the roof, which is the highest point.  Now, most builders in our area have adjusted to placing ridge vent about 2’ down off the ridge, as shown in the picture below.

These vents are designed to increase the airflow created by holes that penetrate the roof.  The openings are then covered with a baffle to help deflect wind and rain.  Ridge vents create a penetration into the roof and if are not installed properly homeowners can experience moisture issues, bowing of the vent and erosion of underlayment.  Any time you are penetration the roof of the home you leave your roof open to the potential for leaks and moisture buildup.

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We are fortunate to have a buzzing wildlife here in Cape Coral, Florida. There are many species of endangered birds and reptiles that thrive in our estuary rich environment. One of those, the coveted Bald Eagle is very well known around the country and has called our area home for years. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has classified the Bald Eagle as a threatened species and with this protection, the population has grown over the years.

Active and Alternate Nest Locations

Many precautions have been put into place to further the population. One of those is a protection order placed around their active and alternate nests around the city.  (See map below.)  Land deemed essential to the feeding, sheltering or other vital behavior patterns to the Eagle during their breeding season, which runs October 1st through May 15th, is monitored closely by the city.

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A home insurance policy may not be a requirement for most homeowners, but if you have one, it certainly gives you some peace of mind. After all, a disaster can strike your home at any time, and your homeowners’ insurance policy is your guarantee that you will be able to recover from the damage and losses it may cause.

COVID-19, however, has many policyholders worrying about their home insurance coverage. They already know the pandemic is affecting the economy, and it is likely to make an impact on the insurance industry as well.

How worried should you be about the impact COVID-19 might have on your homeowner’s insurance?

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While much of the world is currently in a state of uncertainty, the housing market is in its most viable state. Rates are lower than ever, and it is a seller’s market. Anytime spent on a listing site would show that houses are spending a record short time on the market and are often going for asking price or above. First-time home buyers are taking advantage of every program available, and it is allowing many homeowner goals to be achieved much sooner than expected.

Why Now is the Best Time to Own A Home

This current boom in home buying is attributed to one factor above all others: record-low interest rates. These low rates are the result of the Federal Reserve buying larger and larger amounts of government bonds and keeping the interest rate near 0%. This has led to more families than ever being able to accelerate or achieve their long-term homeowner goals. Becoming homeowners for the first time and having the opportunity to move into the home of their dreams is becoming a reality for so many. Many families have spent their extended time at home and are more motivated more than ever to take advantage of every tool available to help them reach their goals.

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