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Chances are, before now you haven’t given much thought to the differences between granite and quartz. One of the many choices you will get to make during your Sposen design session will be between granite and quartz countertops. If you are unsure which you prefer, perhaps this blog will help you make the final decision by providing you with information about both materials.

Glorious Granite

Granite is a very hard stone, rated a 6 on Mohs scale and is completely natural. It is formed over thousands (perhaps millions) of years as rhyolite lava cools. The word granite comes from the Latin word, grano meaning “grain” and it is aptly named for its large mineral granules. The slow cooling process is what allows for large mineral pieces to develop in the stone, producing its gorgeous patterns which we all know and love.

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Basic Requirements for Building in Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral, FL is a deed restricted city, better known as a city with ordinances, when it comes to the construction of a home. There are several basic residential building requirements to build in Cape Coral which we will discuss in this blog. These ordinances are guidelines that address the structure or home itself, the placement of the home on the land, as well as features of the home.

Cape Coral has requirements on the size of the land, the home’s proportion to the land it’s to be built on, the living area of the home, utility easements setbacks and height requirements that need to be met or not exceeded before you can obtain a building permit for your home. Let’s explore those requirements.

Land Minimum

The minimum land requirement to build a home in a zoned residential area is 10,000 square feet, not including community development areas.  That is the size of a standard 80’ x 125’ lot.  This size allows for the proper front, side, corner, and rear setbacks on the property which are:

Front Setback* 25 Ft. Minimum

Side Setback* 7.5 Ft. Minimum

Corner Setback* 10 Ft. Minimum

Rear Setback (Structure)* 20 Ft. Minimum

Rear Setback (Pool/Cage)* 10 Ft. Minimum

Building Height 30 Ft. Maximum

These setbacks are measured from the true property line to the structure to ensure the home does not encroach into the 6-foot utility easement, which the city is responsible for.

Minimum Living Area

There are minimum living area restrictions based on where your property is located.  If you are on a waterfront property, across the street from salt water, or are on a golf course you have a 1,400 sq ft minimum living area, not including garage, screened porches, or storage areas. That moves up to 1,800 square feet for those building on river front locations.  For dry lots there is a 1,100 sq ft minimum living area for a standard Cape Coral lot.


A home built in Cape Coral is required to have a garage. The garage depth minimum is 14’ x 20’ and must also adhere to the easements and set back requirements for the property.


When building on a property with water frontage a seawall is required. Different types of seawalls for salt or freshwater properties and linear footage are required. These seawalls protect your home and property from erosion. You can find more information on seawall requirements in our blog here.


All property to be built utilizing a septic system will be required to pass Health Department inspections, which includes requirements on its placement and proper drainage.


If building a property on a boulevard or parkway in the city you are required to have a circular or hammerhead driveway. This ensures the homeowner a safer entrance or exit when coming off a main road.


Selecting a home builder that has experience with these requirements is imperative to the success of your home and its integrity. Not only to follow these basic requirements but also to conform to the building standard codes set forth by the City and State. With 65 years of combined experience and nearly 400+ builds completed in and around the Cape Coral community we have the knowledge to create your dream home that meets all building requirements based on its location so you can enjoy it from year and years to come.


Value of Proper Landscaping

The importance of landscaping is oftentimes overlooked, but its rich history and incredible benefits to our homes and our lives make it necessary. Landscaping combines gardening and design to create an outdoor space that is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly beneficial. It offers an incredible expression of beauty through nature. Landscaping and architecture go together like dandelions and daydreams which is why, as a homebuilder, we take special care to ensure that our landscaping work is outstanding and matches the beauty of our homes.

Aesthetic Value

Well-designed landscaping contributes to your home’s curb appeal, increasing its resale value. A home with marvelous landscaping makes a welcoming first impression and brightens the overall feel of your property. Landscaping is not exclusively enjoyed from outdoors. What if every time you looked out your window, you saw a vibrant, lush landscape and the colors of healthy plants? A good view of nature nurtures our sense of peace and wellbeing, improving quality of life.

Regulate Temperature

Trees, grass, and other vegetation have an amazing capacity to provide shade and lower surface and air temperatures by a biological temperature regulation process called “evapotranspiration”. Shaded surfaces tend to be 20-45 °F cooler than unshaded surfaces. It’s no wonder most of us have felt that amazing relief of walking through a hot parking lot into a shady park on a sunny summer day. In the Sunshine State, it is especially useful to know that you can reduce air conditioning bills by planting deciduous trees to the west, allowing them to shade the roof and windows. Shade trees also protect outdoor materials such as paint or pavement from fading.

Storm and Erosion Protection

Floridians are no strangers to intense weather.  Our tropical peninsula has an annual tropical storm and hurricane season. One of our best buffers against wind and water is foliage. Plants provide windbreaks, helping to shield homes from the powerful gusts that can cause property damage. The danger of flooding because of a hurricane or tropical storm is mitigated by plants as well. Appropriate landscaping provides a runoff buffer. Proper landscaping protects against both weather events and regular weather patterns. Rain erodes soil over time, but a strong root system serves as a reinforcing underground network, slowing and preventing erosion. The plants in your yard will also reduce the flow of sediments and pollutants, acting as a natural filter, helping keep the water, soil and air quality.


Sposen Signature Homes offers three levels (see below) of landscaping so homeowners can choose which best matches their style and needs. All offered landscaping packages are in accordance with city codes. The city of Cape Coral has several residential landscaping requirements in place. These requirements are based on guidelines from the Florida-Friendly Landscaping Program administered by the University of Florida. They help protect Florida’s ecosystem and residential properties. The program is designed to prevent storm water runoff and maintain local water quality. For example, requirements include groundcover or sod and canopy trees native to Florida. As you can see, landscaping is vital both to your home investment and protects against weather events we experience in Southwest Florida.

Impact resistant windows and doors are the ideal way to protect your home during a hurricane, but did you know they also reduce noise, U.V. rays, deter intruders and provide energy efficiencies in your home? Making the investment of impact windows offers homeowners value in many ways. Durability, a clean look, and protection during weather events are just some of the benefits.

You can feel confident that impact windows will provide your new home with all these features.

  • Weatherproof
  • Shatter proof
  • Intruder deterrent
  • Noise reduction by 65%
  • U.V. ray reduction by 99%
  • Increased energy efficiency
Storm Protection

Anyone who has lived through hurricane season in Florida can attest to the draining dread of storm prep. One of the most laborious and grueling tasks on the hurricane prep list is also one of the most critical: putting up hurricane shutters. If a window is not properly protected, it could be broken amid the chaos and present a whole new host of hazards. A broken barrier in any house gives way to dangerous debris that can enter and wreak havoc on the home’s interior.

Hurricane winds can reach upward speeds 150mph and this places immense stress on the roof of a home. If there is an access point for the wind to come through (i.e. a broken window), the atmospheric pressure inside of the house will add to the strain and can act in conjunction with the wind outside and quite literally push the roof off from within. It is imperative that the windows of your home be adequately protected.

Putting up hurricane shutters is physically and mentally taxing. Organizing, hauling, heavy lifting, drilling, and sweating over shutters in the hurricane season heat or rain every time a hurricane or tropical storm decides to wander in your general direction is abhorrent and can be easily avoided.

Let the Light In

Windows and glass doors create multiple access points for invaders, unwanted noise, UV radiation, and heat to enter your home, costing you more than you may realize. Nearly a fourth of all burglars will try to break a window to enter. Impact windows are extremely durable and deter many intruders. Let in the sunshine but keep out unwelcome visitors and disruptive noise from traffic or a neighbor’s barking dog. Let in the beautiful view of your pool or garden but keep out the dangerous UV rays and the excess heat that’s working against your A.C. unit. Impact windows are an incredible asset in so many ways to you and your home.

Make Life Safer and Easier

By making this wise investment, you are keeping your home and family safe for years to come. You will not only be provided with stellar protection during hurricane season, but a whole list of other benefits. A defense against break-ins, noise, and U.V. rays is an amazing bonus to their already critical function. The high cost of anxiety, time, and labor that comes with boarding up windows and doors in the face of a dangerous storm is ultimately unnecessary. Choose peace of mind when you choose impact windows and doors.

If you are ready to build that dream home with hurricane shutters for piece of mind and extra protection for your home call to speak with a New Home Specialist today!

The completion and closing process is the stage during which inspections are carried out so that all adjustments or corrections can be made. This will also be the buyer’s opportunity to check everything is as it was contracted. Then, comes the official sign off on the house to begin the exciting move into the brand-new home. The steps Sposen goes through when approaching the final stages of a build is a very important one and we have broken down the processes below.

On day 1/10 the Permit Department sends out an email upon receipt of Certificate of Occupancy (CO). This certificate will be sent to everyone involved in the build. Without the CO, no one may move into the house, as it has not been granted its official safety status.

On day 2/10 there is a 120-point Quality Control check (QC). This is when the Construction Manager (CM) works with the Warranty Manager (WM) to document and address any punch items. Punch items are things that need to be fixed. We review everything to check for missing or broken materials and check that all the nuts and bolts are in their proper place. It’s a detailed sweep, where we look at the entire place including appliances, cabinets and every nook and cranny so that we can be sure everything is satisfactory.

Day 5/10 is when we do the Homeowner Orientation. We go through the workings of the house with the buyer.  This ensures the buyers have a complete understanding of all the different functions and maintenance requirements of their house. The buyers will give the house their own inspection to confirm we have fulfilled our commitment to excellence, and that the house is ready to become a home. If the buyer does spot any issues, this is when they will voice their concerns. We will complete all the touch ups, big or small prior to the move-in date. We know the buyer is anxious to move in, but the house must be one hundred percent complete before they do. An empty house helps us to maximize the efficiency of the refining work. This will save the buyer from a headache of dealing with workmen in and out of their home as they settle in.

Day 10/10 is the Verification Walk. It is scheduled with the Warranty Department and the owner/buyers. At this point, we will discuss things like pest control, lawn and pool care, septic tank information, lighting systems, timers, keys, and transponders. Once everything on the punch list is completed, we arrive at the wonderful moment when the keys to the beautiful new home are placed in the homeowner’s hands.

Click below to view a one sheet that explains this process in a visual representation.


The City of Cape Coral requires all canal properties to have a seawall built prior to the construction of a home. The purpose of the seawall is to prevent the water from eroding the property. Property owners have a few choices when it comes to the construction of a seawall. Following the proper steps prior to construction of the seawall is very important to ensure its integrity.

Prior to the start of construction on a seawall for your property you will want to have a licensed professional, specializing in seawall construction, do an analysis to determine what your site-specific property will require.

When Protected Plant and Animal Species are Present

An inspection of the property will help determine the scope of work and budget for the seawall. Some properties will need vegetation and rock removal, while others may need special permits for the removal of certain tree species that are protected in Florida.

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When Getting Started is the Hardest Part

Find motivation and inspiration! It helps to remind yourself that there is nothing quite like the feeling of a clean and well-organized home. It is important to enjoy the process. Get yourself in the spirit of Spring Cleaning by changing into the right outfit, putting on a good playlist or podcast and lighting a candle or firing up the diffuser.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Now that you are all geared up and ready for duty, here are some tips and hacks to help you minimize the labor and maximize the results!


Write up a list of everything you would like to get done. This will help you avoid forgetting anything and give you the satisfaction of crossing things off the list as you go. Gather all the tools and supplies you will need for your scrub session into one place to make things quick and easily accessible so you can stay in the zone and get it done.

Make some space! “Stuff” tends to accumulate throughout the year and can be a source of stress. Go through the house to donate and discard the things that you and your family do not need or love.

Clean from top to bottom! This is a solid method when cleaning anything. It is a way of working with gravity rather than against it to avoid messing with the same things twice. Do this to prevent any dirt from falling onto surfaces that you have already worked on.

Window washing is best saved for a cloudy day. It is springtime and the weather is warming up. The intense Florida sun can make pesky cleaning streaks much more likely.

Nifty Tools

Dust ceiling fans using a pillowcase. The worst part about dusting those fan blades is the seemingly inevitable fact that dust will go flying and land directly on your upward gazing face. By sliding the open pillowcase over the fan blade and then pulling it off with some applied pressure, the pillowcase will catch falling dust and help save you from a sneezing fit.

Clean blinds with a sock. Save a few old socks, wear one over your hand like a puppet and wipe away dust from window blinds quickly and easily.

Microfiber cleaning cloths are underrated because these little statically charged workhorses are an excellent ally to your battle against dirt and dust. They are super absorbent and versatile so take advantage of their many uses. They can help with anything from dusting to getting stains out from furniture.

Clean the bathtub or shower more ergonomically by using a broom or mop. This will reduce the amount of time spent crouching down and save your back. Avoiding burnout while cleaning is the best way to make sure you check off all the items on your list.

Reward Your Efforts

You put in the time and the work, now it is time to revel in the results! Relax in your sparkling clean home with a movie or have a tasty treat and feel the joy of a job well done.

The primary differences between a new construction home and an existing one are probably about what you’d expect. New homes are just that, they have been built from the ground up with no previous owner. Existing homes have been previously owned and lived in and they can range in age and condition. Here we’ve explored the many reasons Americans tend to prefer new-construction homes to existing ones.

Your lifestyle built in

At Sposen, buyers can choose from 25+ floor plans and hundreds of design specifications. Open, flowing floor plans promote quality time with friends and family and create a welcoming living area. For those wishing to live with their extended family without feeling overcrowded, we offer multigenerational layouts to help everyone find a happy balance between both shared and personal space.

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Have you ever seen small wooden stakes on a piece of property and wondered what they were?  Those stakes are property markers and are placed at the four corners of a piece of property.  These corners are marked after a boundary survey is performed for a property.

When buying, subdividing, improving, or building on a piece of property it is highly recommended that you obtain a boundary survey.  This formal document clearly defines the boundaries of a property, based on research and deeds with the city that define the true corners of the parcel of land.

As a builder we are required to obtain a boundary survey for any new construction home we build. We use the information obtained in the pre-construction phase to ensure the improvements on the lot fall within the boundaries and guidelines outlined in the final survey.

What information does a Boundary Survey Include?

The formally defined boundaries are based on the property’s legal description with the city.  As a builder the boundary surveys we commission, include the property corners and any setback requirements, easements around the property, any limitations imposed on the property, the elevation and whether the property resides in a flood zone.

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Here at Sposen Signature Homes, we take pride in what sets us apart from other homebuilders. Our ability to offer a large variety of design selections is one of the many ways in which we go above and beyond for our clients.  Purchasing a home is a significant financial investment, which is why we believe that it is essential to get the buyer’s vision just right.  We understand the value of customization, it is more than just cabinet doors and paint colors – it is an opportunity to create a home that truly reflects you.

Design Selections

Most builders that offer the ability to create a “semi-custom” house have limited design selections. Typically, they only offer 2-3 cabinet, flooring, countertop, and exterior paint color options. This is where we differ. Sposen offers our clients hundreds of design choices in these categories, so with us, you have a say in nearly every interior and exterior design decision.

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