Warranty Claims Made Easy

Warranty Claims Made Easy!

Sposen Homes prides itself in not only building a quality home, but also in making sure we properly service our homes throughout the warranty phase of your home ownership.  A great tool to help expedite the process of making a warranty claim, is our BuilderTrend App.  Just like our Owner Portal, the app puts all of your homes needs right at your fingertips.  We utilize this system to keep an accurate account of any claims. The claims are made in real time and pictures can even be uploaded right from a smartphone for us to see.  Once received the claim is expedited to the proper warranty concierge based on your specific location. To use this free service, please download the app through your smartphone app store.

6 easy steps to making a warranty claim:

Open Up the app and you will be at this home screen, Click on  “Warranty Items”:










Then Click on the Top Right “+” to add a new claim:










 Create a title for your claim:



 select a category for your claim:


 select the urgency – leaks or power outages should be “emergency” items:


Add pictures and use your finger to draw on them if needed:


Finally, hit save and your claim will immediately be processed!

We believe the online app is a great way to expedite and track warranty claims, we are very excited that we can offer it to our Sposen Homeowner Family!  If you do not want to use the app or online portal to make a warranty claim, we have appointed a Warranty Concierge who is available 24/7 to accommodate any warranty claims or questions you may have.  You can send an email directly to