Ideas to Create a Dream Master Bath

The possibilities for making your master bath more spacious, relaxing, sophisticated, or functional are endless. Whether hiring a licensed contractor to do the work or taking this on as a do-it-yourself project, virtually any look that you want can be achieved….

If you plan to do the work, you will need some great small bathroom ideas, the right tools and supplies, and a little bit of time. If the remodel job is more labor intensive, you can hire a reputable contractor to handle the lighting, plumbing, and so on. However, to keep the cost down, you want to do as much of the remodel job as possible.

Below are just a few suggestions for creating your dream master bath:
Refined and Sophisticated

For a refined master bath, it is important to choose the right colors, patterns, and textures. You might consider an acid stained concrete floor in an amber or rust color. The wall paint should be several shades lighter than the floor, while the backsplash could be a patterned and colored tile that coordinates with both. Elegant lighting with soft illumination, plush towels, and a few decorative items will complete the look.

Beach House

If your home sits near the beach, you can change the master bath to reflect the setting. For this home improvement project, consider white bead-board wainscoting, a beautiful white granite countertop, and sky blue paint on the walls. If the budget allows, you can choose stamped concrete flooring that resembles hardwood.


To create a master bath that resembles a lavish spa, consider gorgeous marble floor tile, chandelier-type lighting, and complementary mirrors. To complete the transformation, choose a soft and soothing wall color, ceiling-to-floor shower/tub tile, and an oversized rainforest showerhead.


For a modern aesthetic, you will never go wrong with timeless black and white floor and bathtub/shower tiles. For this aesthetic, stick with solid white walls and minimalistic bathroom décor.

Additional Considerations

If additional space is needed, the contractor may be able to knock out a non-supporting wall. Another way to set your master bath apart involves replacing a fiberglass shower or tub with a custom walk-in shower. You also want to take full advantage of natural lighting. If the bathroom has little natural light, the contractor can always install a skylight or expand on an existing window. With the project complete, you will have your dream master bath, a place where you can escape to relax and unwind.