Completion and Closing Process

The completion and closing process is the stage during which inspections are carried out so that all adjustments or corrections can be made. This will also be the buyer’s opportunity to check everything is as it was contracted. Then, comes the official sign off on the house to begin the exciting move into the brand-new home. The steps Sposen goes through when approaching the final stages of a build is a very important one and we have broken down the processes below.

On day 1/10 the Permit Department sends out an email upon receipt of Certificate of Occupancy (CO). This certificate will be sent to everyone involved in the build. Without the CO, no one may move into the house, as it has not been granted its official safety status.

On day 2/10 there is a 120-point Quality Control check (QC). This is when the Construction Manager (CM) works with the Warranty Manager (WM) to document and address any punch items. Punch items are things that need to be fixed. We review everything to check for missing or broken materials and check that all the nuts and bolts are in their proper place. It’s a detailed sweep, where we look at the entire place including appliances, cabinets and every nook and cranny so that we can be sure everything is satisfactory.

Day 5/10 is when we do the Homeowner Orientation. We go through the workings of the house with the buyer.  This ensures the buyers have a complete understanding of all the different functions and maintenance requirements of their house. The buyers will give the house their own inspection to confirm we have fulfilled our commitment to excellence, and that the house is ready to become a home. If the buyer does spot any issues, this is when they will voice their concerns. We will complete all the touch ups, big or small prior to the move-in date. We know the buyer is anxious to move in, but the house must be one hundred percent complete before they do. An empty house helps us to maximize the efficiency of the refining work. This will save the buyer from a headache of dealing with workmen in and out of their home as they settle in.

Day 10/10 is the Verification Walk. It is scheduled with the Warranty Department and the owner/buyers. At this point, we will discuss things like pest control, lawn and pool care, septic tank information, lighting systems, timers, keys, and transponders. Once everything on the punch list is completed, we arrive at the wonderful moment when the keys to the beautiful new home are placed in the homeowner’s hands.

Click below to view a one sheet that explains this process in a visual representation.