Hello Impact Windows, Goodbye Hurricane Hassle!

Impact resistant windows and doors are the ideal way to protect your home during a hurricane, but did you know they also reduce noise, U.V. rays, deter intruders and provide energy efficiencies in your home? Making the investment of impact windows offers homeowners value in many ways. Durability, a clean look, and protection during weather events are just some of the benefits.

You can feel confident that impact windows will provide your new home with all these features.

  • Weatherproof
  • Shatter proof
  • Intruder deterrent
  • Noise reduction by 65%
  • U.V. ray reduction by 99%
  • Increased energy efficiency
Storm Protection

Anyone who has lived through hurricane season in Florida can attest to the draining dread of storm prep. One of the most laborious and grueling tasks on the hurricane prep list is also one of the most critical: putting up hurricane shutters. If a window is not properly protected, it could be broken amid the chaos and present a whole new host of hazards. A broken barrier in any house gives way to dangerous debris that can enter and wreak havoc on the home’s interior.

Hurricane winds can reach upward speeds 150mph and this places immense stress on the roof of a home. If there is an access point for the wind to come through (i.e. a broken window), the atmospheric pressure inside of the house will add to the strain and can act in conjunction with the wind outside and quite literally push the roof off from within. It is imperative that the windows of your home be adequately protected.

Putting up hurricane shutters is physically and mentally taxing. Organizing, hauling, heavy lifting, drilling, and sweating over shutters in the hurricane season heat or rain every time a hurricane or tropical storm decides to wander in your general direction is abhorrent and can be easily avoided.

Let the Light In

Windows and glass doors create multiple access points for invaders, unwanted noise, UV radiation, and heat to enter your home, costing you more than you may realize. Nearly a fourth of all burglars will try to break a window to enter. Impact windows are extremely durable and deter many intruders. Let in the sunshine but keep out unwelcome visitors and disruptive noise from traffic or a neighbor’s barking dog. Let in the beautiful view of your pool or garden but keep out the dangerous UV rays and the excess heat that’s working against your A.C. unit. Impact windows are an incredible asset in so many ways to you and your home.

Make Life Safer and Easier

By making this wise investment, you are keeping your home and family safe for years to come. You will not only be provided with stellar protection during hurricane season, but a whole list of other benefits. A defense against break-ins, noise, and U.V. rays is an amazing bonus to their already critical function. The high cost of anxiety, time, and labor that comes with boarding up windows and doors in the face of a dangerous storm is ultimately unnecessary. Choose peace of mind when you choose impact windows and doors.

If you are ready to build that dream home with hurricane shutters for piece of mind and extra protection for your home call to speak with a New Home Specialist today!