Why Entering the Housing Market is More Attainable Than Ever!

While much of the world is currently in a state of uncertainty, the housing market is in its most viable state. Rates are lower than ever, and it is a seller’s market. Anytime spent on a listing site would show that houses are spending a record short time on the market and are often going for asking price or above. First-time home buyers are taking advantage of every program available, and it is allowing many homeowner goals to be achieved much sooner than expected.

Why Now is the Best Time to Own A Home

This current boom in home buying is attributed to one factor above all others: record-low interest rates. These low rates are the result of the Federal Reserve buying larger and larger amounts of government bonds and keeping the interest rate near 0%. This has led to more families than ever being able to accelerate or achieve their long-term homeowner goals. Becoming homeowners for the first time and having the opportunity to move into the home of their dreams is becoming a reality for so many. Many families have spent their extended time at home and are more motivated more than ever to take advantage of every tool available to help them reach their goals.

How Becoming A Homeowner is more Attainable Than Ever

Entering the housing market has become more attainable due to the availability of resources provided by the government to help people become homeowners. Education has been instrumental in helping growing families reach their goals of owning a home – first-time home buyers can take classes which offer grants and loans through the Federal Housing Administration that require less money upfront. Multi generational homes are another way that large families have been able to pool resources, and work together so everyone can live a better life in a home that is best suited for them.

What Are Prospective Buyers Looking For?

Even before rates were at record lows, the housing market had been experiencing a shortage of homes, leading to a seller’s market. Houses were already selling for asking price and now will sell above asking in a matter of days or weeks! This demand has driven more and more people to consider new construction homes like those designed and built by Sposen Homes. Not only are new construction homes more modern, but they are safer, built to higher building standards and often with the latest technology. Finding a modern home has never been simpler.


The housing market has never looked quite like it does today. More and more people are achieving their dream of becoming homeowners, and new construction has never been as attractive as it is right now. Sposen Signature Homes is at the forefront of making home ownership possible, and offer lenders that provide programs for most everyone to realize their homeowner dreams.