Which Elevation Fits Your Style?

At Sposen Signature Homes, we offer three elevation choices for each of our floorplans. Here are some things to consider when deciding which elevation is best for you.

First Impressions, Style, Personality-

The exterior of your home is responsible for creating valuable first impressions. Anyone walking up to your home is greeted first by its outward appearance, so be sure to make a thoughtful selection from the elevations available: Coastal, Modern, or Transitional.


Sposen’s Coastal Elevation gives your home an ocean side feel by featuring corbel details, trim accents, and the option of Bahama shutters or coastal lap-stucco siding. Soft, sandy neutrals paired with shades of light blues and greens perfectly to tie together the coastal theme. Florida’s beaches, sunshine, and palm trees provide amazing home décor inspiration. You’ll oftentimes find lovely accents of tropical motifs throughout the home. Coastal homes are light, elegant, and casual.


Sposen’s Modern Elevation gives your home a clean look by featuring straight and bold trim lines with minimal decorative detail. Modernism is known for offering sharp, straight lines with chrome, black, or stainless-steel finishes. In most contemporary homes you will find a very sleek interior with little clutter, meaning accessories and decorations will be carefully selected and minimal. Modern palettes tend to be quite neutral with intentional and vibrant pops of color. This timeless model provides a nice, quiet space to clear the mind and relax.


Sposen’s Transitional Elevation gives your home a soft and inviting feel by featuring corbel details, trim accents, and small decorative elements that draw your eye in. Transitional style brings classic touches to the modern-day home. Combining tried-and-true traditional décor with modern elements is the core of transitional style. This style is particularly helpful if you’re moving into a larger home and/or trying to blend interior design styles. Many transitional homes feature warm neutral colors that tend to “go with everything.” You will find a balance of curving lines, texture, and pattern that create a warm, laid-back feel in a transitional home.


Do you consider yourself a beachy, breezy kind of person, a modern, contemporary spirit or are you someone who likes a happy marriage between traditional and cutting-edge aesthetics? Ask any of our savvy New Home Specialists or consult with the design team here at Sposen for tips on how to choose the elevation that best fits your aesthetic and lifestyle.  Take a look at our gallery of completed homes here to browse images of see style.