Get to Know Our Team: Thomas Kimble

Professional meets Personal

teamAt Sposen Signature Homes, we want you to feel like part of our family! We have created an amazing team of professionals that we think you’re going to love. Many of our clients have to opportunity to meet our General Contractor, Thomas Kimble, and ask him any new construction homebuilding questions they might still have. While many of our clients know “Tom”, we wanted to focus on a side of him that they may not have an opportunity to see right away!

Kimble’s Personal Side

As a professional new homebuilder in Cape Coral, FL, Tom believes it is important to connect with people, not only on a business level but also from a personal perspective.

Tom was born in Ripley, Tennessee. Growing up as an Army brat, he and his family traveled and lived all over the United States. While growing up, he also lived in Kentucky, North Carolina, New Jersey, Montana, and Florida. When questioned as to which place was his favorite as a child, he stated Montana, without question. As he puts it, “They don’t call it Big Sky Country for no reason.”

After getting married, he and his wife settled in New York; although he loved it there as well, the winter weather was simply too cold. Initially, the couple moved to Ocala, Florida, but as they are both avid scuba divers, they changed course and settled along the coast. Tom explained that the weather is the number one reason that he loves Florida and is why he plans to never leave.

As outdoor enthusiasts, he and his wife love a wide variety of activities. The pair also enjoys taking motorcycle trips, having attended the Sturgis festivities twice, and mountain biking. Tom also plays on a traveling softball team on the weekends.

As for life at home, he and his wife have two dogs, a Boston Terrier and a Chiweenie, which is a cross between a Chihuahua and Dachshund (weenie dog). As important members of the family, the couple takes their beloved pets with them whenever possible.

Kimble’s Professionalism Shines

Yet another reason for choosing Sposen Signature Homes is the high caliber of professionals who are 100% dedicated to building you an amazing new construction home. The employees who work at Sposen are one of a kind. As a prime example, Tom brings more than 40 years of homebuilding experience to the table!

In 1971, Tom became a licensed general contractor, starting his career with AMREP Corp. in Ocala, Florida. During his 15 years with the company, he completed roughly 1,500 homes. Tom then decided to pursue an opportunity with Engle Homes in West Palm Beach.

Throughout that 26-year career, he was responsible for new construction project management and general contractor qualification for multiple Engle Home projects, including those in Pembroke, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Orlando, and Doral. When Tom resigned from Engle Homes, he had over 25,000 single-family home, townhome, and multifamily home builds to his credit.

There are many reasons why Sposen Signature Homes outperforms other new construction homebuilders in Cape Coral. For one, Sposen Homes offers more than 65 years of combined experience. As someone interested in having a beautiful new home constructed, especially in Cape Coral, FL, this alone provides you with peace of mind. Sposen Signature Homes is unique for other reasons as well, including the fact that many standard amenities are what other new construction builders charge as upgrades.

As the new homeowner, you will have absolute confidence that the materials and workmanship are stellar; considering everything that is included, your home will be of tremendous value. The bottom line: Virtually every step of the construction process is based on integrity.

 Getting to Know Us

 If you haven’t had the chance yet- come in and meet the team, but be sure to ask if our amazing General Contractor, Tom, is in the office. He is often works in the field but he’s always happy to shake your hand and get to know you better!