In With the New, Out With the Old!

The primary differences between a new construction home and an existing one are probably about what you’d expect. New homes are just that, they have been built from the ground up with no previous owner. Existing homes have been previously owned and lived in and they can range in age and condition. Here we’ve explored the many reasons Americans tend to prefer new-construction homes to existing ones.

Your lifestyle built in

At Sposen, buyers can choose from 25+ floor plans and hundreds of design specifications. Open, flowing floor plans promote quality time with friends and family and create a welcoming living area. For those wishing to live with their extended family without feeling overcrowded, we offer multigenerational layouts to help everyone find a happy balance between both shared and personal space.

Our homes are thoughtfully designed with modern family lifestyles in mind. Older homes may be charming, but they often times require homeowners to either make compromises or make plans for costly and time-consuming renovations. Imagine living in a home that was built just for you now and the future that you see for yourself and family.

Customize and personalize

Instead of buying someone else’s vision and going through the process of reshaping it to fit your own, give yourself a home that was always meant for you. Existing homes do not offer the choice of partial or full custom construction like Sposen does. Everything, big and small from appliances right down to the details like molding and door handles will reflect your specific needs and tastes.

Fewer Headaches

A new home means everything will be in good working order for years to come. Moving is stressful, but it is worth the investment for a fresh start and the promise of making wonderful new memories. Nothing dampens one’s happiness quite like having to deal with a broken air conditioner or a leaky roof. Leave the old home struggle behind and enjoy a house that works for you, not the other way around.

Minimize surprises and maximize safety

Moving into a home that no one else has lived in means your house is clean and safe. Not all homes age well, time takes its toll on them and houses built under out of date codes are likely to struggle under the stresses of hurricane season, flooding and fire hazards. The state building code is updated every three years, so standards are always improving and homes are engineered to stand fortified and safe in our unique Florida environment. A safe home is a necessity with the added bonus of less expensive homeowners insurance.

Energy efficiency

New homes tend to be much more energy efficient because they can be built with any number of innovative energy saving appliances and materials. Anyone who has experienced a summer in Florida truly understands the heat and humidity can be brutal. Having a new home with things like proper insulation, air sealing, and energy efficient windows is a great way to maintain a cool and comfortable place to live. Reducing energy consumption is a win-win. While decreasing water and electric bills, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint and making a statement as a conscientious consumer in favor of a sustainable future.


There are many pros to building a new construction home. A home build for you and your family with all the amenities that are important in todays modern lifestyle, stylish features, safety and energy efficiencies as well. With 300+ homes build in the past few years, we are confident we can help create your dream home together!