Florida Holds Top Spot for People Looking to Move

“Nearly 25% of U.S. homebuyers are looking to move out of their current metro areas, with many people turning their attention to cities in Florida as their next place to call home, according to a new study.”  – Fox Business

Historically speaking, Florida’s real estate market has been resilient after a hurricane. People are rebuilding in areas hit the hardest by Hurricane Ian. Homeowners know what their land is worth and reinvesting in their property.  

There has been an influx of buyers coming back into the Florida real estate market since the Hurricane hit. Fifty percent of the top ten hottest migration markets in the United States are in Florida right now. Cape Coral was listed as number seven on the list. Home prices are predicted to stay stable due to low housing inventory. 

Hurricane Ian is not scaring people away from the area as some may have expected, there is still an influx of people looking to move to Southwest Florida. Most of the people moving to the Sunshine State are from cities like Sacramento and New York City which have higher costs of living.

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