Cape Coral Makes List for Fastest Growing Metro Area

Spend anytime in the City of Cape Coral or Fort Myers area, and you will see the cities growth present all around you.  From the steady stream of businesses coming here, consistent restaurant openings, recreational parks being added, and rapidly growing housing market, the area is on its way to over one million residents projected by Lee County in 2040.  Which is no easy task when you’re only 50 years in the making.

Being recognized as one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country, is very exciting for our community.  It’s a sign of a healthy job market and economy.  With the growth comes a better quality of life and amenities for our residents.  Many more people are discovering just what living here is all about.  The unbeatable weather, accessibility to the water, and the growing number of families to the area, makes Southwest Florida where everyone wants to be.

As a new construction builder in the area we feel it’s important to provide quality homes that represent the buyers building here.  When looking to make the beautiful southwest Florida area a place to call home, we have a knowledgeable new construction specialist team that knows the region well, and will be able to help you determine the area that best fits your needs.

Contact us today and start your journey to owning a piece of this fast-growing community!

Cape Coral – Fort Myers make Census list of fastest growing metro areas