6 Things to do after a Hurricane 

Hurricane Ian devastated areas in Southwest Florida when it made landfall with winds up to 155 miles per hour. It wreaked havoc on the beaches that we know and love, broke bridges, flooded homes and so much more. We are thankful that our staff are safe and are working diligently to get their homes and lives back on track.  

We have put together a list of six important things to take into consideration after a hurricane. Being prepared and knowing the steps to take after a storm are important for your personal well-being and your home. 


1. Make sure the storm has passed and that it is safe to go outdoors to assess any damage.

If you evacuated due to the storm, return home once the authorities advise you that it is safe too. Once you can go outside or return to your house, assess the damage.

2. Be careful of hazards from the storm.

Avoid downed power lines and anything in contact with or near them such as water. Flooding, damaged trees and structures are often present after a hurricane. There will also be lots of debris from shingles, trees, nails, and more so make sure an area is safe before you start surveying your area.

3.Protect your home from further damage.

After a hurricane, you may find broken windows, doors and missing shingles. To prevent any other damage from occurring, board up any broken entry points to your home until they can get repaired and tarp the roof to minimize any furthur damage.

4. Keep records of your expenses.

Save bills and receipts from any temporary repairs. Do not try to make any permanent repairs until an adjuster can come out to see the actual damage and create their report. If you have receipts from any food you purchased before the hurricane but must throw it out due to loss of power, keep them for your insurance claims. Keep in close contact with your insurance and ask questions regarding any out of pocket expenses you have endured due to the storm.

5. Inventory any of your damaged property.

Make a list of any damaged items. Take photos and videos of everything that was damaged or lost for proof of the damage. If you did this before the storm as well, this would help you to prove to insurance that the damage occurred from the storm. 

6. Only use bottled water.

Do not use the city water for drinking, cooking, or cleaning until you hear that it is safe. The water can be affected by the rainwater and debris from the hurricane. This is unsafe to drink so make sure you have a lot of bottled water on hand until it is safe to drink again. 


If you have a new construction home when a hurricane hits, you are likely to fair better than the rest. This is because the Builder must build and past inspections during the construction of their homes that meet the most up-to-date building codes in their area.  At Sposen Signature homes we build with quality materials and adhere to all building codes and inspections to ensure our homes are best prepared for events like hurricanes. To learn more about our homes please visit our website.