10 Ideas for Making Small Laundry Spaces More Functional

Do you feel claustrophobic every time you walk into your small laundry room? Do you struggle with keeping things neat and orderly in such a small space? If you answered yes to either question, you have several viable solutions. In fact, you have multiple laundry room ideas that can make a small space more functional. Instead of feeling frustrated or even defeated, consider some of the suggestions provided.

  1. Laundry Room Cabinets: 

Vertical space is something that many people overlook. When you have a tiny laundry room, there is little to no horizontal space to work with, but you still have vertical options. For example, you might want to hang a series of laundry room cabinets.

Depending on how much space you need along with your personal preference for aesthetics, you can either choose laundry cabinets that go up only part of the way to the ceiling, leaving a gap at the top for decorative items or some that go up all the way. Either way, cabinets provide extra storage for laundry soap, softener, clothes hangers, and other related items.


  1. Built-In Bins

Another great idea for small spaces is to have a cabinet installed designed with bins that pull out. In place of several baskets for dirty laundry, these containers work great for organization. Also, because the bins fold back into place, you never have to be worried about anyone seeing laundry baskets of dirty clothes. This option will even double as a folding station.




  1. pull-Out Drying Rack

Rather than using horizontal space for drying sweaters and other delicate clothing items, you can install a bar with swing-out arms. That way, you have a solution that does not take up any space in your already small laundry room.





  1. Back of the Door Storage


If your laundry room has a closet, you can also hang a storage rack on the back of the door. With individual pockets, this is the perfect solution for storing laundry soap and softener but also folded socks, undergarments, lint brushes, and more.




  1. Ceiling Ladder Rack

One of the more innovative small laundry room ideas involves a standard wooden ladder painted in a color of your choice and hooks. For this, you would paint a four-foot wooden ladder in whatever color you want, and then secure the hooks on every other rung. When hung to the ceiling, you have a perfect way to hang clothes that come out of the dryer or those you just ironed. When not in use, the ladder never gets in your way.





  1. Corner Shelves

Corners are another area of small laundry rooms that people forget By placing one or more corner shelves in the room, you instantly have more space and better functionality.


  1. Baskets

Even if your laundry room has existing shelves, it is easy for things to become cluttered. As a result, the room looks messy, and finding things becomes a monumental task. To get better organized, you can place lined baskets along the shelves. Immediately, your laundry room looks better.




  1. Folding Station

Especially if your entire home is tiny, finding a place to fold clothes is hard. All you need in your laundry room is an empty wall space that measures approximately three feet wide. Then, attach a repainted piece of barn wood or door, add hinges on each side of the bottom corners, and attach a secondary piece of wood that folds down. The result is a folding station that you can use or fold up to get it out of the way. To make this creation more functional, attach four hooks along the top, perfect for jackets, hats, scarves, and other miscellaneous items.


  1. Window Shelves

For laundry rooms with windows, you can use the space under the window as well. Something as simple as a few shelves going horizontally across the windows provides extra storage as well.


  1. Converted Bookshelf

Although bookshelves are intended for shelves, they make a great addition to a laundry room as well. For small spaces, you can choose a narrow bookshelf that takes up little room yet offers a lot of additional storage.


Get Creative!!

As you can see from the laundry room storage ideas presented, all you need to make small spaces functional and beautiful is a little creativity.