Licensed Real Estate Agents who sign up for the “Sposen Strivers Rewards Program” sales will be tracked for a 12 month period from the date in which they initially register.  All sales after the 4th sale within the registered period will be eligible for an additional 1% bonus paid on the base price of the home.  All other commission rules will apply.

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Commission Payment Structure

On a new home construction purchase Sposen Signature Homes (SSH) will pay the referenced broker a three (3 %) commission of the base price of the house.

  • The commission is less any site prep costs/allowances, permit and impact fees and non-profitable allowances.
  • Non profitable allowances to include, but not limited to: seawall, dock and/or well and septic system.
  • SSH will pay an additional 1% commission on any upgrades buyer may choose at each time of contract.
  • On any inventory home purchases SSH will pay the commission outlined in the MLS.
  • You must register your client and accompany your client on their first visit to the SSH office. SSH expects and appreciates your support in building client confidence and trust in SSH.
  • Payment of said commission shall be paid to the active, licensed broker at the time of the execution of the construction contract.
  • On cash and externally funded construction contracts, the commission will be paid in full at initial funding providing the initial deposit released to SSH is 20% or more.
  • If the initial deposit released to SSH is below 20%, then commission will be paid 1/2 at funding and 1/2 when SSH receives the draw upon completion of slab.
  • If a bonus is due, the bonus will be paid at the slab draw.
  • On internally funded construction contracts, any commissions and/or bonuses will be paid upon the funding of the construction contract, which happens upon the completion of the home.

We look forward to working with you and your clients!

Please email should you have any further questions regarding this program.