Emergency Contact Numbers


We define emergencies as problems that require attention to protect you and your family from harm and to avoid damage to your property, your home or your lot. These problems include but are not limited to:

  • A total stoppage of the plumbing drain system: If your system ceases to work or none of your sinks, tubs or toilets functions properly. A stoppage of one plumbing fixture does not constitute an emergency.
  • A water leak that requires the water supply to be shut off to avoid serious water damage: The main shutoff is located on the front garage side of the home. The exact location will be shown to you during your Pre-Closing Orientation. A leak, which can be isolated by the shutoffs under the cabinets or plumbing fixture, is not an emergency. Please NOTE that the failure of your water heater does not constitute an emergency.
  • A total electrical failure within your home: An electrical outage in many houses indicates a neighborhood power failure. Report this to your electrical service provider. Refer to the Troubleshooting Section for details on electrical outages.
  • Loss of heating or air conditioning during extreme weather conditions
  • Smell of gas: Report a gas leak to your gas company IMMEDIATELY. Get everyone out of the home, including pets, until help arrives.

Division 16, LLC – 239-288-7957

Advanced Plumbing & Installations, Inc, – 239-458-0026

Air Conditioning:
AC Professional Cooling & Heating – 239-293-9373


In case of an emergency, your first step should be to protect your family from harm. Once you are sure of their safety, and if your safety will not be jeopardized, you should take steps to correct or lessen the effects of the emergency. Turning off the water to a particular fixture or turning off the water main to your home can minimize damage from a water leak.

In case of an emergency between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. during the week, please call SSH warranty office at (239-244-8886. After hours or on weekends call the trade EMERGENCY numbers below. Please report emergencies immediately to the service department the next working day so they can follow up with the trade partner.