Getting Setup:

Insert information here about getting setup to include how we pay and a link to download the vendor agreement.

How to submit bids and request payments:

The process is simple, you will get an email from our system asking you to submit a bid.  Once submitted we will review and accept the most competitive bid, keep in mind bids can go out to up to 3 vendors.  The system will notify you if you won or lost the bid.  If you lost the bid, there is always next time.  If you won the bid, we will immediately convert your bid to a PO.  Once your bid is converted to a PO you will need to verify your PO.  Once your PO is verified you will need to complete the work as scheduled and then request payment.  Once the work is marked as complete by the construction manager, you will be able to submit your final invoice and request payment.  All payments will be made according to submission date our  payment days are the 15th and the 30th with cutoff at noon 5 days prior.

Here are 3 videos that total about 15 minutes that show you EXACTLY how to do each step.

How to Submit a bid:

How to Accept a PO:

How to Request a Payment:

If you have any questions feel free to email me directly.  Any work above and beyond the approved PO will require construction managers approval and All payment requests will be verified by the construction managers PRIOR to authorizing payments.